Yokohama Zenkoji Scholarship Foundation
for International Buddhist Study

 Article 1.

These bylaws are laid down in accordance with the rules of the Yokohama Zenkoji (Religious Corporation) Scholarship Foundation for International Buddhist Study.

 Article 2.

Recipients of the Foundation’s scholarships will be sent to one of the following organizations:

1. Zen Center of Los Angeles (923 South Normandie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A)

2. Zen Mountain Monastry Center of New York (Box 197, Mount Tremper NY 12457, U.S.A)

3. Zen-Zentrum Eisenbuch (Eisenbuch 7 D-84567 Erlbach Deutschland Germany)

4. Wat Paknam, (Bhasichareon Bangkok, 10160 Thailand)

5. Research organizations in other countries, which the board of directors may from time to time determine.

 Article 3.

The board of directors shall determine the number of priests to be sent abroad and the period of their studies there by taking various factors into consideration.

 Article 4.

Applicants for this Scholarship shall submit the following documents to the Foundation.

(1) A completed application form signed by both the applicant and its guarantor

(2) An academic diploma

(3) A personal vitae

(4) A thesis on a subject matter determined by the Foundation

(5) A letter of recommendation

(6) A certificate of health

 Article 5.

The president shall select and notify to the final recipients at the advice of board of directors.

 Article 6.

The Foundation shall provide each priest who has been chosen for this Scholarship with traveling expenses to and from his / her oversea destination and necessary living expenses there.

 Article 7.

Each recipient of this Scholarship shall submit a report on his/her religious studies to the president at the end of each year.

 Article 8.

The board of directors may terminate the scholarship awarded on the advice of a host organization of a recipient priest in the event that

(1) the priest has become incapable of continuing his/her studies due to illness or other physical reasons;

(2) The priest has lost his/her interest in study and has been conducting himself/herself in a way unbecoming of a student of Buddhism; or

(3) The priest is unable to continue his/her studies for other reasons.

 Article 9.

The priest who has completed his studies abroad shall submit a report to the president.

 Article 10.

The priest who has studied abroad shall maintain close contact with the Foundation upon return to Japan, and may receive appropriate information and advice to fully utilize his/her experiences.

 Article 11.

A priest may be sent overseas not only as student but also as instructor.

 Article 12.

Additional provisions shall be further stipulated in the bylaws, which are necessary to carry out the objectives of the Foundation.

 Article 13.

The Foundation may provide qualified foreign priests or researchers with some scholarship or research funds to assist their study of Buddhism, classical Indian, or Japanese culture.